are ccgs, rpgs, war & and other board games your thing? then thefandome is what you need!


We spent a lot of time to understand needs of board games and RPG lovers. To make THEFANDOME the best place for each geek, we developed special features for you to express your passion and share it with others.

Detail Your Interests

show others what a board gamer you are

Show your community what game genres you like, what skill you have, what roles you play and so on. It will help you to find a right parties or let them to find you. 

Will be available right after the release date.

Join Fandoms

be a part of a worldwide community

Join D&D, MTG or other fandoms. Support them, fill with content, upgrade their ratings and help to grow the greatest community ever.

Will be available right after the release date.

Collect & Trade      Fan Stuff

Collect, Sell or Buy single miniatures or whole games.

Show other fans your collection of games, RPG rule-books or miniatures, trade anything you like or find and purchase something rare.

Will be available right after the release date.

Meetup Organizing

gather people to play online or offline

Plan game sessions with like-minded people, invite people to participate or send a request to join someone else's meetup.

Will be available in 2018.

Wargame Armies Management

combine your COLLECTIBLES into a strong army

Special feature to create and manage a digital army of items from your collection.

Will be available in 2018

Game Master Tool

Prepare an epic session

Prepare a game session, from setting and location to roles and playlist, or use one from the community database.

Will be available next to the end of 2018.


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