WE'LL GIVE YOU features to intense & SHARE YOUR PASSION


Movies, TV-series & shows, and animation move forward the whole industry of popular culture. We know you love them to watch, discuss, list, rate, review and more. So we developed new features for you to maximize your fun.

World of Fandoms

everything you love organized in one place

Join any fandom you like and get access to its community. Prove your fan self: discuss lore facts or fan theories, share news and rumors, search for arts and fics, choose your favs and so on.

Will be available right after the release date.

Your Inner Geek

present yourself the way you want to 

Your real name has no power or importance within THEFANDOME. It's the only place where you express yourself through interests and hobbies. Create your fan profile and release the geek inside you.

Will be available right after the release date.

Detail Your Favs

describe in detail what you love

What kind of movies do you like? What opinion do you have on them? What characters you like the most? What locations impressed you? How many Easter Eggs you found in a new film? Be specific and share it with others!

Will be available right after the release date.

Content Revolution

new ways to get fun from posting

Product placement, memes, bloopers, VS Fightings, catchphrases and many more various posts are waiting for you to show pictures from unexpected angle. Everything is classified and easy to find.

Most of these features will be available in July 2018.


Store the most emotional things & moments

Share anything that makes you excited, angry, sad, joyful, nostalgic or brings you other strong emotions with the fandom in one click.  

Will be available right after the release date.

Fan Creativity

the world should know how strong your imagination is

Use your fantasy to create and share something new: fics, posters, fan theories, paints, drawings and such.

Will be available in 2018.


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